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The Prentiss Law Firm serves businesses and individuals who desire experienced, intelligent counsel on litigation: a law firm that can help you devise strategies that will minimize the risk of litigation, but that can also help you use litigation, and the credible threat of litigation, to accomplish your legitimate negotiating goals.

While achieving a satisfactory outcome through negotiation is desirable, a client should never accept an unsatisfactory result out of fear of litigation. Our judicial system exists for the resolution of disputes. There is no dishonor in using that system when alternative methods of vindicating your rights have proven unsuccessful.

Litigation is the resolution of disputes through the formal mechanisms of courts, administrative agencies, and arbitration. If you have an issue that may require formal dispute resolution, your most important criteria in selecting counsel are experience and skills. Dan Prentiss has been engaged in the practice of litigation law for more than 30 years. He has tried cases before the state and federal courts in Rhode Island and many other states, and local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. He has been recognized and honored for his professional accomplishments.

If you must engage in litigation, then you must do so forcefully and effectively. Until resolved through final judgment or settlement, it must be pursued aggressively and with single-minded devotion to victory. That is the hallmark of the Prentiss Law Firm.